VA Launchpad Mobile App

The VA Launchpad: A Mobile App for Our Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs helps veterans with new VA Launchpad making it easier to access mobile health services.

Best Tips on How to Move Your Aging Parent

The National LTC Ombudsman Resources

The LTC Ombudsman program plays an important role in protecting and representing older adults at elder care centers. What are these programs and how can you access the resources?

The Top 5 Benefits of Discount Medication

Search for your next prescription medication and you may find it up-to 80% less at a pharmacy nearby.

Caregivers Guide to Incontinence

Caregivers Guide to Incontinence

Being a caregiver for someone with incontinence can be challenging. It often requires a great deal of empathy, carefully planned schedules, and a variety of helpful products along the way. The good news, however, is that…

Best Gifts for Caregivers

Best Gifts for Caregivers

Check out our gift guide that highlights cost-effective products that can help make life a just a little easier for the caregivers in your life.

What Are the Top 10 Products to Track My Elderly Loved One's Location?

The Best Cities to Retire in Each State

Find out the best cities to retire in by state!

Urinary Incontinence: The Difference Between Men and Women

Urinary incontinence affects more than 33% of older women and 15% of older men. The combined number of affected older adults is more than 20 million (18 million women and 3.4 million men being impacted). In…

What Percent of Health Insurance Is Paid by Employers?

What Percent of Health Insurance Is Paid by Employers?

Insurance is complicated. Find out what percentage of health insurance if paid for by employers.

Best Financial Assistance Options for Home Modifications for Aging in Place

How to Prepare for Hip Surgery

Do you have a loved one getting a hip surgery? Here are some tips on how you can prepare for surgery and a speedy and full recovery.

Best Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive Clothing for Older Adults with Arthritis

Anyone experiencing mobility limitations due to aging, medical treatments, and sensory challenges can benefit from adaptive clothing. In a recent post, we described what adaptive clothing is, how it works and its benefits. With nearly 12…