What are the Top 5 Adult Incontinence Underwear for Men?

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How We Found The Best Incontinence Underwear for Men:

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How We Tested & Selected Our Favorite Incontinence Underwear for Men


Comfort is key when shopping for incontinence products. We looked for soft materials that feel great against the skin and tested for the telltale crinkle that can sometimes give away the fact that the user is wearing disposable underwear. 

Absorbency & Leak Protection

We tested each brand's recommended absorbency and checked to see if there was any leakage when standing, sitting, or laying down. Then, we pushed past the recommended absorbency to see if they could stand up to even more liquid.


Fit is an important factor when it comes to leak protection. We checked to make sure the material conformed to the body with minimal bunching and that the leg gathers were comfortably snug but not tight. 

Ease of Use

After testing absorbency, the underwear went on to wear-testing to find out how easy it was to get them on and off, both dry out of the package and after they had absorbed liquid. If the style was tearaway, we tested to see if the sides split on their own when heavy with liquid or if they were difficult to tear by the user. 

The Top 5 Incontinence Underwear for Men

There are so many options available that the choices can be quite confusing. The needs of each of you will vary, and to help you find the best comfort and be knowledgeable on the best products, we have researched the best adult incontinence underwear for men.

Because Quality Bladder Protection for Men

Photo: Because Market

Highly rated by customers, Because Market is a little-known brand that makes some of the highest absorbency incontinence products on the market. Because Market’s underwear absorbs up to 6 cups of fluid.

Partnering with urologists at Stanford Medical Center, the team at Because has developed cutting-edge materials that make their products feel like real fabric underwear. Their underwear is designed with premium quality cotton-like fabric that has a streamlined fit under clothes. Double-stitched leak guards are built into the leg area to provide extra leak protection and neutralize unwanted odor.

Both their pads and underwear are 35% more absorbent than leading brands*, meaning fewer leaks, better protection, and more comfort. Because Market’s underwear is available in two absorbencies: Maximum absorbs up to 4 cups of liquid, and Overnight absorbs up to 6 cups of liquid. Both are effective in protecting against leaks from sudden urges or gradual flows. The products are shipped free of charge discreetly to your doorstep.

* US Industry average is 1200mL absorbency for an overnight product. Because is over 1500ml.

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Best Incontinence Products - Dry Direct by ParentGivingDry Direct Ultimate Underwear’s Super absorbency equals less changes per day and less leaks – which is ideal for all caregivers, but especially family caregivers. This is the first incontinence underwear ParentGiving have put their brand on and the first one they confidently recommend ONLY 3 or 4 changes per day are required. Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear is ideal for nighttime use and a good night’s sleep without interruption.

Features Include:
•  Elastic leg cuffs (to prevent leaks in side sleepers and for bowel incontinence)
•  Breathable cloth-stretch panels
•  Soft cotton outer layer
•  Odor lock core (to minimize odors while in use)
•  Unisex design
•  Pull-up underwear design with tear-away panels for easy removal

Save 10% off Dry Direct products. This is a one-time use promotion code. Parentgiving is a website dedicated to helping caregivers and those in the aging process with the best information, support and products in one place. Promo Code: CVDD

Depend for Men Incontinence Underwear – Maximum Absorbency

dependsThe new Depend Confidence Core technology provides incontinence protection where men need it most. Their newer maximum absorbency underwear feature FIT-FLEX protection, for a close-to-the-body fit while active that flexes with your legs. They also have a comfortable underwear-like waistband and brief-like leg openings that you won’t find with other adult underwear. Depend incontinence products for men ship discreetly in a plain corrugate box.

Prevail Daily Protective Underwear for Men

Photo: Prevail

Prevail has created a comfortable, flexible and dry wearing underwear for those in need for a high quality incontinence product. The technology used to maximize absorbency and to prevent odors from starting will offer your aging loved one the daily comfort and confidence they

Prevail is made latex free and is form fitting with a true to size fit to waist and hip. The size is printed and easy to read on the back making that classic question ‘which side is the front’ easy to answer. You can trust in the underwear for day or nightly use.

What We Like

  • Overall comfort to wear and soft to touch
  • The underwear is true to advertising
  • Very flexible and discreet, form fitting
  • Very absorbent and keeps a dry exterior

What Could Make Them Even Better

  • Small design changes to minimize bunching which could be a little uncomfortable depending your physical size and shape overall.

Product Options: Underwear


Absorbency Level


Day/Night Use



Actual liquid capacity not available.

M (34-46 in)
L (44-58 in)
XL (58-68 in)




Actual liquid capacity not available.

S/M (24-40 in)
L (38-50 in)
XL (48-64 in)




Actual liquid capacity not available.

S/M (28-40 in)
L (38-50 in)
XL (48-64 in)



Product Tested: Prevail PerFit for Men Protective Underwear

Photo: Dan Fogarty, M.A., FACHE

Our reviewer found Prevail's PerFit for Men product to be soft and comfortable with an elastic waistband that flexes as you move. Made of latex-free material, these underwear are easy to slip on and off without snagging your foot or pulling on the skin in sensetive areas and it is clear that they have been designed specifically for men.   

The MaxSoft technology really does wich wetness away from the body and our reviewer found the Odor Guard material does an adequate job of preventing ordors. Prevail's 360degree Breathable Zones were also helpful for temperature control and airflow.

Note that if this will be your first time wearing incontinence underwear you may notice a bit of bunching in the padded absorbent area which is common among incontinence products in general and the padding does offer additional comfort for sitting.

34 ounces (4 cups!) of liquid was added during testing without any leakage and the underwear still felt dry to the touch.

Attends Advance Protective Underwear

AttendsAttends Advance Protective Underwear is great for mobile individuals that have higher frequency urinary incontinence. The product is made of breathable, stretchable, cloth-like material that looks and feels like regular underwear. You will find comfort with their triple-tier moisture-locking system that delivers superior performance and leakage protection while promoting skin wellness and managing odor. Attends also has comfort-flex tabs that are soft, flexible, and refastenable anywhere on the brief.

Tena Men’s Protective Underwear, Super Plus

TenaTena Men’s Protective Underwear provides total coverage for men with heavy leaks. They have super absorbent microbeads for advanced leakage protection where it’s most needed. They also have a wider fit and core width between legs that allows fluid to move away from the body, enhancing leakage protection. Additionally, they use a modern design to fit and feel like everyday underwear.

Tranquility Premium OverNight™ Incontinence Underwear

TranquilityTranquility’s Premium OverNight™ Disposable Absorbent Underwear is the top-rated overnight underwear for adults. It offers superior protection to ensure a restful sleep. Premium OverNight™ Disposable Absorbent Underwear is available in a range of sizes from X-Small to 2XL. The absorbent Peach Mat Core provides maximum protection by locking away liquid resulting in dryness, urine pH neutralization, and odor reduction while protecting delicate and sensitive skin from the damaging effects of moisture. The superior performance of the Peach Mat Core is why Tranquility’s Premium OverNight™ Disposable Absorbent Underwear is considered a top-rated overnight adult diaper among caregivers and medical professionals.

Although there are a lot of choices for men in the incontinence underwear market, these products have solidified their positioning in the market and have received excellent reviews and feedback from those who have purchased and used them.


A pull-on that's different from the rest. GoSupreme™ from Northshore provides top-of-the-line comfort, absorbency, and fit while featuring extra coverage in the front, rear and sides. Improved leg elastics will fit great for those with skinny legs while still remaining comfortable for others. Plus, silky-smooth feel against the skin; extra waist elastics; low-profile design for reduced bulk; breathable yet 100% waterproof!

Men's Washable Incontinence Underwear

If you’re seeking a solution for light to moderate incontinence that looks and feels more like normal underwear than paper pull-ups do, you may prefer ordinary washable cloth underwear with built-in absorbency. Not only are they discreet to wear so you can go about your usual day-to-day activities without worries, but you’ll avoid uncomfortable supermarket visits and disposal dilemmas and you’ll also save money in the long run. They are not suitable for heavy bladder leakage (full voids) or bowel incontinence.

Confitex for Men

Just'ncase by Confitex real cloth men's underwear with leakproof absorbent protectionOur favorite brand of reusable, incontinence underwear is Confitex who offer a variety of functional pee panties and male incontinence underwear in a range of fashionable and comfortable designs. Awarded Best Product of the Year in the prestigious Plus X Awards, Confitex for Men washable absorbent underwear feature market-leading textile technology that has been independently proven to offer the best combination of absorbency capacity and leakproof performance without excess bulk.

Unlike other brands, Confitex’s patented waterproof textile doesn’t rely on a layer of PU plastic, which means the absorbent anatomical pouch on their life-changing men’s underwear can be molded to provide superior fit and support without an uncomfortable center seam, and both heat-sealed and stitched to deliver superior protection against leaks. Better still, unlike other brands, they can safely be machine-washed and tumble dried without affecting their performance.

Why choose Confitex for Men:

  • Comfortable, quality cloth fabric just like normal underwear
  • Machine washable and tumble dryable to save you time and money
  • Superior absorbency and leakproofing for light-to-moderate bladder leakage
  • Independently lab-tested leakproof, odor-resistant and breathable
  • Discreet, with no telltale show-through or external bulk
  • Double stitched and heat-sealed to boost your confidence
  • No uncomfortable center-front seam
  • No worries in disposing of pads when out and about
  • Stylish designs available in different colors and absorbency levels
  • Easy online ordering and discreet delivery to your door

Available only at confitex.com
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  • *We filtered the results to those that had at least 50 product reviews.

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