The Caring Village Story

We created Caring Village because we understand first-hand how difficult it can be both emotionally and physically to provide care for an aging loved one. We’ve lived through the stress, exhaustion, worry, confusion, and guilt. 

Our team is comprised of passionate people who have provided significant care for a parent, loved one, friend or neighbor who were unable to do so by themselves.   We’re focused on improving the quality of life for caregivers, so they don’t have to carry the burden alone – all the time. We know that by making life simpler and less hectic for caregivers, we're improving outcomes for the whole family.

We’ve taken our shared experiences with caregiving to deliver the most comprehensive set of resources and an innovative caregiving app for families to provide the best care for their loved ones.

We believe it is time to change the old ways of family caregiving.

It's time to create a Caring Village.



Our mission is to improve the overall caregiving experience by empowering families to take control of their loved ones’ care, improve their quality of life, and obtain peace of mind.



Our vision is to be America’s preeminent online caregiving platform for families and caregivers.

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Who We Serve

We serve professional and family caregivers of those who are aging and in need of assistance.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mark Shapiro

CIO, CTO, VP Engineering

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Jennifer Taylor

Advisory Board Member

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45 million unpaid family caregivers, like you, are coordinating care for their aging loved ones, while still juggling their own work and family responsibilities. Anyone who's been a caregiver has faced the same kind of stress, and many have thought "Isn’t there a way to make this easier?”

Family caregivers want to use technology to coordinate the care of their loved ones and selectively disseminate information with a trusted circle of participants, but the options that are out there just don't offer the "all in one", easy-to-use, secure solution that Caring Village provides.