Mike Behrmann

CEO & Co-Founder

Mike has spent his career in the Information Technology business and has experienced the “information age” from the front-lines.  Mike has been involved with HealthCare IT almost exclusively for the past 4 years and has attended multiple symposiums, conferences, task forces, and government roundtables to understand and hopefully make a difference in health care technology direction and solutions.  In addition to being CEO for Caring Village Mike also directs the Segue Health department for Segue Technologies in addition to his Executive Role there.

“It is not often that you get to create something which profoundly helps others. Our vision behind Caring Village was to do just that. We saw a need for caregivers, both professional and family, to be better able to share the burden of caring for loved ones, bring communication barriers to an end, and connect all players together in the care continuum. I am passionate about the cause and feel it is part of my destiny after almost 35 years in the Information Technology business. In 2015, my mother-in-law, whom I was extremely close to, was diagnosed with dementia and died within eight months. By being thrust into the role of caregiver, and all that it entails without prior experience, my wife and family experienced all the miscommunication, legal hurdles, and general chaos associated with the daily struggle of caring for someone so close. I also lost my father two weeks to the day after mom died. He had a long battle with Parkinson’s disease but eventually succumbed to a fall and eventual pneumonia. While I/we were not considered the primary caregivers in his case, we were involved fairly often and would have greatly benefited from a solution like Caring Village. So it is with great satisfaction that I am in a position to bring this much-needed product to the market at a time when it couldn’t be any more critical in our society.”



Mike very much enjoys attending his grandson’s Little League baseball and youth soccer games, as well as boating, fishing, golfing, travelling when he can, and just hanging out at his home in Fredericksburg Virginia.