What’s The Link: Prostate Cancer & Incontinence

Learn more about prostate incontinence. We unpack the link between prostate cancer and incontinence for men.

Why Am I Experiencing Memory Loss Part 2: Signs and Types of Dementia

How to Recognize the First Signs of Dementia in a Family Member

Dementia is a common term for many of us. We have family, friends or know of others experiencing the numerous symptoms affecting memory loss. Roughly 5.6 million older adults (age 65+) have Dementia. It can be…

How to Choose the Best Captioned Phone

How to Choose the Best Caption Phone

Many older adults experience hearing loss that prevents them from enjoying phone conversations with friends and loved ones, making them feel more isolated and increasing their sense of loneliness. This is true even for individuals who…

Best Tablets for Seniors

The Best Ways to Increase TechKnowledge for Older Adults

Technology provides us with the means to connect with our family, friends, and much more. It is how we remain safely at home and FaceTime a family member or order groceries delivered to our doorstep. The…

Caregiver Burnout

What is Compassion Fatigue Among Caregivers?

As a family caregiver, you may have experienced anxiety, depression, or PTSD. These are real mental health challenges many of us face daily while caring for an aging loved one, leading to compassion fatigue. Learn more.

In the News: Medicare Issuing New ID Cards to Prevent Identity Theft

How to Avoid Identity Theft

Did you know that more than 33 percent of U.S. adults have experienced identity theft? More than one in four older adults, aged 55+, have experienced identity theft.   Identity theft is real and is out…

Vitamin Patch for Seniors

Are Vitamin Patches a Good Choice for Seniors?

Did you know that 70% of those age 65 and older take a multivitamin or mineral supplement? According to an article in Harvard Health Publishing, "Multivitamin supplementation is low risk and low cost, and it helps…

Appreciation Jar blog

Caring Village Crafts: A Mother’s Day Appreciation Jar

Looking for a thoughtful gift for mother’s day? Consider creating an Appreciation to show your loved one your gratitude.

Aging in Place: Helping Older Family Members keep their Pet

The Importance of Pet Companionship for Seniors

As people grow older, physical deterioration and loneliness can set it. Seniors can be depressed and feel alone. One way to help combat these negative and often inevitable aspects of life is by owning a dog…

memory keeping preserving family history

Memory Keeping to Preserve Your Family History

Our families are everything. But how quickly does time fly? So many birthdays, holidays, cherished moments quickly come and go over the years. We take photos and do our best to print them or send them…

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