Understanding Dementia: A Dementia Care Guide for Caregivers

Navigating the journey of dementia care can be a challenging path, filled with uncertainties and moments that test the limits of our empathy and patience. Yet, it is a journey that millions of caregivers embark upon…

Understanding and Managing Sundowning Syndrome

Sundowning syndrome — a common condition affecting the elderly, particularly those with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia — is a phenomenon that presents a unique set of challenges for caregivers and loved ones. Manifesting…

The Latest Advancements in Assistive Technology for Seniors

Assistive technology for seniors enhances independence, safety, and social connections, incorporating devices like smart homes and wearables to improve quality of life and caregiving.

How Rising Food Prices Affect Seniors

How Rising Food Prices Affect Seniors

Rising food prices affect seniors in many ways. Will your loved one have to choose between eating a healthy meal and filling a prescription?

Summer Gardening Tips for Seniors

Summer Gardening Tips for Seniors

Looking for Summer Gardening Tips for Seniors? Our latest article can help make gardening easier for individuals of all ages and abilities.

What's the difference between palliative care vs hospice?

What’s the Difference? Palliative Care vs Hospice

Has your loved one been recently diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening illness? Learn what palliative care and hospice have to offer.

What is Edema

What is Edema? | Season 1, Episode 40

Does your loved one have Edema? Learn what warning signs to look for, what causes Edema, how it's treated, and more!

Best Stairlifts - Bruno Independent Living Aids

What are Stair Lifts?

What are stairlifts? And does your loved one need one? Read more about our stairlift recommendations and contact us today with any questions!

GPS Trackers for Seniors

GPS Trackers for Seniors

There are pros and cons regarding gps trackers for seniors. Read about geolocation tools for the elderly and how they benefit your loved ones.

What Is Incontinence

How is Incontinence Diagnosed?

Incontinence affects millions of Americans each year, learn more about incontinence and how to manage day to day.

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