We Heart Caregivers: Share Your Story with AARP and Receive a $50 Gift

Telling the story of your family’s experience with caregiving can give you a sense of relief as well as help comfort others. It can also earn you a $50 gift card for gas, groceries, or the pharmacy. AARP has launched their “I Heart Caregivers” campaign and will award $50 to those who enter (only one gift card per household). Take a few minutes today to share your story, read other stories and get inspired, and walk away with a $50 gift card. Here’s how:

Step 1: Visit the AARP I Heart Caregivers campaign website here.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Share Your Story’ button or scroll down to the bottom of the page

Step 3: Fill in your name, address, and other demographic/contact details

Step 4: Select who you care for (i.e. parent, spouse, etc.)

Step 5: Answer a few Yes/No questions

Step 6: Write-out your story following these tips from AARP:

  • Tell us about yourself and the person you’re helping, including their first name.
  • Think about questions like:
    • Why did you start caring for your loved one?
    • How much time do you devote to caring for your loved one?
    • What tasks do you perform to help?
    • What would help you as a caregiver?
    • What’s the best part of your experience? Most challenging?
    • Any tips for other family caregivers?
  • Attach a photo (if you are willing to share)

Step 7: Select your gift card and submit!

This is a great way to earn a small gift of appreciation for your selfless work as a caregiver. Share this opportunity with the other caregivers in your life.