What is Edema? | Season 1, Episode 40

Does your loved one have painful, swollen legs and feet? If you're wondering what could be causing this, it's time to learn more about Edema.

Tune in to this week's Ask-A-Nurse episode as Brooke Lounsbury, Registered Nurse, shares what Edema is, what causes it, what symptoms to look for, how it's treated, and more. 

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Brooke worked as a home health and hospice nurse for many years. During her time working with patients and families, she saw the pressures and strain of what caregivers went through while caring for loved ones. Lack of resources to help caregivers prompted her to start a support group for caregivers in her area. Since then Brooke has turned to writing courses for nurses and content writing. In her spare time, she enjoys time with family, her dog and travel.