Benefits of Using the PocketFinder GPS Tracker for Aging Adults

You’ve decided GPS tracking is the solution for you and your loved one. Finding the right device and service should not be a complicated experience. With PocketFinder, you can expect the latest in GPS technology to provide peace of mind for those tracking while still allowing the wearer to experience the freedom they deserve. An intuitive interface means unparalleled ease of use. With its small, rugged design (1.7 oz.), the device is also IP67 water resistant. Utilizing three different location technologies- GPS, Google WiFi Touch, and Cell ID- it’s no wonder PocketFinder is a Top 10 GPS Tracker. With built in safety features at no extra cost, PocketFinder is quickly becoming a trusted name among a growing client base of Residential Communities for Aging Adults, as well as Augmented Care Communities. Learn more about the benefits of using PocketFinder below.

Benefits of Using PocketFinder

Mobile App and Computer Interface: An intuitive design means you don’t need to be a tech pro to use PocketFinder. Google Premier Mapping makes it so you can clearly see where your loved one was last located. With both online and mobile options, there is no worry if you do not have a smart phone.

Multiple Users/ Multiple Devices: GPS monitoring a loved one is often a family affair. PocketFinder makes it easy for multiple users to log in simultaneously and get the peace of mind they need. Multiple devices on one account keep that trusted in formation all in one, easy to access place.

Zones/ Instant Zones: Create zones so you and your contacts are alerted when the device enters or exits a specific location. Zones can be small enough to fit around a house and large enough to encompass an entire city. Instant Zones allow you to create quick zones from the app even when on the move. If the device goes to an unscheduled location, you can quickly set up a zone around the device at that location so you can be alerted if they leave. 24/7 coverage means emergencies can be dealt with swiftly.

Low Battery Alert/ Charging: Receive an alert when the battery lowers to a level of your choosing. This will give you plenty of time to get the device back on the charger. With PocketFinder, the device can locate while charging, allowing for minimal interruptions in tracking.

Power Modes: Multiple power modes allow you to adjust locate frequency to fit your needs. Less frequent locate updates results in long battery life allowing for quicker locate updates for the moments you need it most.

SOS/ Track Mode: There are two “emergency locate” modes that force the device to update its locate every 10 to 20 seconds for five minutes straight. SOS is activated by the person wearing the device, sending you an alert. Track Mode is activated via the app or online interface.

60 Day Downloadable History: History can be accessed via the app or web and viewed on the Google Map interface. You can view locates by the hour or in larger increments of time. Each locate is stored for 60 calendar days in History. History can also be downloaded to PDF in a table format for record keeping.

US Based and Award Winning Customer Service: PocketFinder boasts an award-winning, in-house Customer Service Team. Closely working with all departments, representatives not only understand how the technology works, but also the needs driving it.

Being non-contract with a low service fee means flexibility and understanding when it comes to your tracking needs. Going on a trip? International roaming partners all over the globe allow for easy tracking while traveling. PocketFinder also has Vehicle Trackers perfect for road trips. Using GPS tracking with an aging loved one should not mean sacrificing freedom or peace of mind. PocketFinder offers a cost-effective solution eager to fit your individual needs.

Check out PocketFinder today and see if it a good fit for your family.

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