Benefits of Using the Trax Tracker for Aging Adults

We recently got our hands on a Trax Play GPS tracker and thought we would test it out. The packaging was very nice-it actually felt similar to an Apple product in the way it was packaged. Although the Play version of the app was designed for Kids and Pets, it can absolutely be used for tracking elderly loved ones as well. The setup of the device was pretty straight-forward with the mobile app and I was pleasantly surprised once tracking was active that a top down satellite view of my location was not only eerily accurate but also seemingly up-to-date imagery-wise. The tracker comes with a couple of clips (one for clothes and one for collars) that can be attached in different ways. Trax requires a data plan so keep that in-mind when making your buying decision, but all of the plans were reasonably priced and you can choose monthly or prepaid subscriptions. Trax boasts an array of features and benefits including geofences, augmented reality, real-time tracking, speed alerts, location scheduling, history, proximity fencing, sharing, the ability to track multiple devices, and battery life. Overall, this device is a great option for numerous scenarios. Here are some additional benefits of the Trax device:

 Benefits of Using Trax

  1. Geofences: With Trax, you can easily set up digital fences around certain areas that will alert you immediately, should your aging loved one leave that designated area. This perimeter could be your loved one’s neighborhood, backyard, or a place they will be at a specific time, such as a local community center.
  2. Augmented Reality: When you are searching for your loved one, you can scan 360 degrees around you using your smartphone camera. Once you are pointing in the direction of the tracker, you will get a notification of where and how far the tracker is. Your phone will split into two screens: one for the camera view and the other for a map to indicate distance.
  3. Real-time Tracking: You need to know exactly where your loved one is at all times and Trax offers real-time location tracking. This can keep your loved one safe while minimizing your stress.
  4. Speed Alerts: Not only can you receive alerts based on a geofence but you can also set alerts in case your loved one is speeding while driving.
  5. Scheduling: You can set scheduled ‘safezone’ alerts so you know when your loved one is leaving the house per usual or if they are leaving at a time that is out of the ordinary. You can also set a schedule for the geofences based on their daily schedule.
  6. History: You can get real-time GPS updates, as well as see a history of activity for the last 24 hours. This can help you see where your loved one was during the entire day in case something happened. If they were to get lost, this can help you retrace their steps.
  7. Proximity Fence: A geofence is a set perimeter of an area and does not move. A proximity fence is a digital zone that moves with you as you go. For example, you could set up a proximity fence of 200 yards and if your loved one’s tracker goes outside that you receive an alert.
  8. Sharing: You can share the tracker location with other users. This will allow multiple people you've selected to monitor your loved one.
  9. Track Multiple Devices: You are not limited to just one tracker per app. In fact, you can add as many trackers as you need and monitor them all from one app.
  10. Battery Management: The battery typically lasts up to 24 hours and you can adjust the location updates to help extend the battery life. This is critical so the tracker can stay with your loved one for extended periods of time.

Trax is the smallest and lightest real-time tracker on the market, combining GPS and GLONASS for increased precision and is one of our top 10 GPS trackers for elderly adults.  It has many great features that are available in more than 100 countries.


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