9 Tips for Managing Your Medications

By now you understand why medication management is particularly important for aging adults. If you take multiple medications on a regular schedule, follow the helpful tips provided below by NIH Senior Health to assist you in managing your prescriptions.

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9 Tips for Managing Your Medications

  • Keep a checklist of the medications you currently take including the name, time you take them, how long you have taken them, and then continue to add to the list if and when new prescriptions are added. You can also you the free Caring Village app to store your medications.
  • Review your medicinal record when you meet with your doctor. Keep a detailed list of the medicines you use and bring your checklist as a reference.
  • Ask your pharmacist to provide your medicine in large, easy-to open containers with large-print labels. Always keep your medicine in the original container unless using a daily pill box that allows you to put the appropriate pills in each day. Don’t take a pill if you are not confident it is in the right pill bottle. Also, make sure the pill bottles are properly labeled and, if necessary, color code or number them.
  • To determine how a medication should be stored, consult with your doctor on location, temperature, and other requirements for medication storage.
  • Don't stop taking a prescription drug unless your doctor says it's okay. Always continue through the prescription even if you are feeling better. Consult with your doctor before making any changes in your medication.
  • Get prescriptions refilled early enough so you won't run out of medicines. Keep on top of your refill dates and expirations.
  • Keep all medicines out of the sight and reach of children and away from pets. Always keep your medication in a secure place that both children and pets cannot reach or access.
  • Purchase a medication management tool. There are many medication management tools on the market today such as pill dispensers, automatic reminders, and electronic medicine caps.
  • Download a Medication Management Mobile App. Keep track of your medication, scheduling, and other specific needs via mobile apps on your phone or tablet.

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Additional Thoughts

Don’t just follow one of the tips above but explore all of them. Managing your medications properly can mean the difference in time, health, and overall well-being. Always ask questions when you are unsure about your medication and- most importantly -keep track of what you are taking daily. This will aid in your recovery and keep you on target. 

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