7 Ways to Thank a Family Caregiver

What are you most thankful for this holiday season? Here at Caring Village we are thankful for all of the amazing, compassionate, selfless family caregivers out there. National Family Caregiver Month and the Thanksgiving Season are a great time to show your love and appreciation for all of these caregivers, who serve millions of Americans every day. Here are seven great and easy ways to say “Thank You” to the caregiver in your life.

7 Ways to Thank a Caregiver

Family caregivers are heroes and are deserving of our respect and unwavering support. Take time to thank a caregiver by using some of our suggestions below:

  1. Say “Thank You”: It may seem simple but think about the last time you stopped and just said ‘thanks’. We can get so lost in our busy day-to-day that we forget that the words “thank you’ can go a long way. If you have a caregiver, or if any of your loved ones are caregivers, give them a call or pull them aside in person and tell them how thankful you are for all that they do.
  2. Write them a letter or card to express your gratitude: Receiving a heartwarming card or letter can bring a big smile to any caregiver’s face. Writing a personal note of gratitude sends a powerful message of appreciation. It shows you recognize their hard work as a family caregiver.
  3. Offer your help: A fantastic gift for a family caregiver is to lessen his or her burden. Just the offer of help (even if they don’t take it) can mean a lot. And try to be specific. Offer to pick up groceries, run errands, or simply spend time with the person they care for so the caregiver can take a break.
  4. Give them a gift (flowers, spa gift cards, whatever they like!): Make it a surprise or ask them what they would like. Whatever it is – give them a gift to say thank you.
  5. Give them the day off: Tell a caregiver that you’ll take it from here! Don’t take no for an answer! Have them give you a date and hold them to it – make sure they take the time off to do something for themselves.
  6. Make sure to remind them to take time for themselves: This may surprise you, but caregivers need help and support too! To demonstrate how much you value you them – help them take time for themselves, such as offering to fill in for them for a few hours. Whether it’s napping, showering, or reading a book- it is so important that they find some ‘me’ time.
  7. Make a donation to an organization they care about in their name: The selfless care provided by a family caregiver is something that should be paid forward. To show your appreciation, make a donation and pass on the kindness to a charity that is important to them.



What are your favorite ways to say “Thank You” to caregivers in your life?  Tell us what you do to say thanks!  We’d love to hear from you!