Great Summer Activities for You and Your Aging Loved Ones

Planning fun summer activities with your aging loved one is easy and can be enjoyable for everyone. Being active and engaged has its own health benefits but most importantly making plans and getting things on the calendar ensures that you spend quality time together this summer. Here are our suggestions for great summer activities to do with your aging loved one.

7 Summer Activities for Your Aging Loved One

  1. Attend community events (such as outdoor concerts or shows). In most communities there are weekly movies on the lawn, summer concerts, and other events. Reach out to your local town hall or search your county or town’s website for upcoming events.
  2. Take morning or nightly walks together. Schedule regular walks with your family around the neighborhood. Do so in the morning or at night to avoid the heat.
  3. Plan to learn something new together. Setting a goal for the summer will give everyone something to work towards and keep active. You could choose to pick up a new hobby, learn a foreign language, or something else!
  4. Try new recipes and cook with fresh fruits and vegetables. Throughout the summer months you will be able to find fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats at your local farmers market or grocery store. Do your research and pick some unique summer recipes and cook together.
  5. Enjoy indoor or outdoor gardening. If you have a garden, spend time together maintaining it. You can also create an indoor garden to grow other, smaller plants or spices. This may help depending on the living situation (i.e. house, condo, etc.).
  6. Go to the library and other local recreation centers. Take the family to the library and spend time in the community. This could be a great way to strike up a good conversation with other caregivers or aging adults in your community.
  7. Spend time volunteering. There are numerous ways to volunteer and you can use the Corporation for National & Community Service to help you find the best way to get involved.

Take advantage of the summer and the variety of local events, resources, and activities for you and your aging loved one. Keep in mind any physical or mental limitations he or she may have when planning any event. The most important thing to remember is to schedule activities that everyone can easily participate in. Now, get out there and enjoy your summer!