How to Protect Your Loved One from Fraudulent Anti-Aging products

We all want the secret to eternal youth. To do this, some will spend a lot of money on skin care products, try at-home remedies, and take their chances with herbal methods – hoping that someone has found the ‘secret formula’ or the latest ‘breakthrough’ in anti-aging science.

Anti-aging product scams can be conducted similarly to other scams (financial, telemarketing, etc.). These scams can be done in-person (like a mall kiosk or store), as well as online or over the phone. Unfortunately, the target of many anti-aging product scams are aging adults. It is important to prepare your aging loved one on how to protect themselves.

Tips on How to Avoid Anti-Aging Product Scams

An anti-aging scam may ask you to sign up for a ‘free-trial’ using your credit card. Sometimes they’ll charge a monthly fee or will attempt to sell a bundled package of products with ineffective (or possibly harmful) ingredients. Here are our tips for avoiding these types of scams.

Do Your Research

Don’t accept the product label or the salesmen’s pitch on an anti-aging product as fact. Do your research and be skeptical. You can search online for product reviews. Use the Better Business Bureau for company complaints and see if any of your trusted stores also sell the product. You should always ask questions about the product to make sure you understand its effects.

If it Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably is

If you are offered a product that has the ‘magical or secret’ formula, then it is most likely too good to be true. A key indicator of a scam is the absence of a list of ingredients. If a list is available, make sure to read and analyze the ingredients on it.

Read the Fine Print

If you are signing up for a trial of a product, make sure to review the rules and policies for:

  • Any regular payments
  • Listed side effects
  • If checking with a physician is not recommended

These hidden rules or guidelines will often be a key indicator of a scam.

Always ask questions when buying any anti-aging products. Not all of them are a scam but in any case, use the suggested tips above to help prevent a scam from happening to your aging loved one. Remember to always consult your doctor with any questions, concerns, or when a significant change to your health occurs.