How to Design a Safe Bedroom for Those with Limited Mobility

With the right modifications and design, the bedroom can be a peaceful, private haven for your loved one with limited mobility. If your loved one is moving into your house or staying at their home, use the tips below to update their bedroom to maximize safety and comfort.

Tips for Designing a Bedroom to Accommodate Those with Limited Mobility

  1. Install bed rails: these will give your parent the assistance needed to get into and out of their bed themselves.
  2. Switch to an EZLift Sleep-to-Stand Bed for even greater ease when getting in and out of bed.
  3. Update the bedroom lighting: this will give the critical level of lighting to make movement within the bedroom safe no matter the time of day.
  4. Install a bedroom phone: this will give access to general or emergency care. Consider having home monitoring devices installed as well.
  5. Remove heavy/dangerous objects: this can include removing large dressers or other furniture that could potentially fall on your parent or be an obstacle to maneuver around.
  6. Remove closet doors: this will give immediate access for your parents and remove obstacles in case they have mobility issues.
  7. Add wall-to-wall carpeting: carpeted floors decrease the likelihood of falls
  8. Install Additional Insulation: this will help to provide a more comfortable climate and can reduce ambient noise.

Ideally, those with limited mobility should have a bedroom located on the main level to eliminate stairs and other potential issues for mobility (although Stair Lifts are always an option).

Wherever the bedroom is located, it should be a place of comfort and privacy for your parent. You can add comfort with wall-to-wall carpeting, additional insulation for temperature control and noise mitigation, as well as choosing a bed that provides support for a good night’s rest. Follow the tips above to design or update your loved ones’ bedroom to meet their needs.

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