3 Important Stair Lift Options

Standard stair lifts help take the struggle out of climbing up and down stairs, but there are three popular power options worth considering that help make using a stair lift even easier.

Power Folding Footrest

With a power folding footrest option, a stair lift’s footrest automatically folds flat when the seat is lifted into a stowed position. On standard stair lift models, users must bend down to manually flip up the footrest – either by using a handle or grabbing the footrest itself (which is only inches above the floor). For people with back or balance issues, a “power folding footrest” is a great option to increase ease of use and enjoyment.

Power Swivel Seat

Power swivel seat options help turn the stair lift seat automatically once the rider has reached the top of the steps. With a standard stair lift, riders must manually lift a lever underneath the seat pad then use their legs to rotate the seat into a safe exiting position. With a power swivel seat option, simply hold the armrest control button and the stair lift does all the work for you. For users with limited hand/arm dexterity, this can be an ideal solution.

Power Folding Rail

Power folding rail options can greatly help households where the bottom of a straight stairlift rail may cause an obstruction due to a nearby doorway or narrow hallway. A “power folding rail” enables the bottom section of stair lift rail to gently retract and stack at the push of the armrest control button. This not only helps eliminate a possible tripping hazard, but also helps keep the stair lift and rail out of sight when not in use.

Final Thoughts

Power options are a great way to ensure the stair lift model you purchase meets your needs both today and in the future. In addition to power options, there are also options to increase the size of a stair lift’s seat and/or footrest to provide additional comfort. Ask your local Bruno stair lift dealer about what options might best serve your needs.

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