The Cost of Designing a Bedroom for Those with Limited Mobility

Looking to design your loved one’s bedroom to accommodate limited mobility now or in the future? In any home design project the proposed changes come with a cost. The information below outlines the general costs associated with these types of design changes.

The Cost of Designing a Bedroom for Those with Limited Mobility

The chart below provides an average range of costs based on the options available from the home improvement chains Lowe’s and Home Depot. The chart is broken up by product, range, and median cost:

Product Name Range of Costs Median Cost
Bed rails $30 - $274 $83
Door Pulls/Levers $1 - $285 $3.50
Nightlight $3 - $30 $6
House-Wide Intercom System $90 - $930 $140
Wireless Doorbell $13 - $200 $74
Home Alert System $15 - $560 $160
Bedroom Phone $39 - $170 $80
Additional Insulation $4 - $735 $70
Wall-to-Wall Carpeting $1/sq ft - $10.55/sq ft $8/sq ft
Chairlifts $2,500 - $6,000 $3,000

Keep in mind that the chart above does not include the cost of labor or installation costs. You may need more features or other adjustments so use this information as a starting point. Plan out as far in advance as possible and budget wisely.

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