How to Perform Background Checks on Professional Caregivers

Before you hire any professional home caregivers to help your loved one, you should absolutely validate their work history through background checks. The term background check (or investigation) can mean a variety of things,  such as hiring a firm to do the research, reviewing an agency’s report, or conducting research yourself online.

Why Should I Do a Background Check?

Conducting a background check is done to ensure your loved one is in safe and capable hands. You must make sure that whomever is entering your home can be trusted to administer medicine, monitor the health and well-being of your loved one, and effectively manage any emergency situation. You will want someone who has validated work experience and no criminal history.

If you are using a home-caregiver firm to help you hire a caregiver, you should first ask them if they can conduct background checks, how often they do these checks, and request to review the final report.

Conducting Research on Your Own

You can start your research by doing a simple Google search of the potential candidate’s name. Doing a search online will produce a lot of information that may not pertain to your candidate, so it will take time to weed through the findings. A helpful tip is to use keywords associated with the full name of the individual you are looking for, as well as using the advanced search functions. You can also search for the person’s social media accounts and other public records. A caregiver may even have reviews online if they have been hired before through an online hiring network such as CareLinx,, etc.

This free search may yield some insightful information that can help you make your decision. However, it may be difficult to find certain important details. In addition to conducting an online search you should ask for the contact information of at least three previous clients whom you can contact as a reference.

Hiring an Accredited Firm

You can also use a full-service firm to run a background check for you. If you are not sure how to find a firm, there is a list available through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). The NAPBS has 70 accredited firms listed that can perform small to extensive background checks for you. The fees can start around $50 – $80 and go up from there based on the type of search conducted.

You have the right to perform a background check, if you so choose to. Use the information above to conduct your research using the method you feel is the best for you. Once you can validate the home caregiver’s history, you should move forward with an offer. Take these steps now to protect your aging loved one.