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Top 10 Benefits of Yoga for Aging Adults

How Yoga can Help Caregivers

According to a UCLA study, “practicing yoga each day can improve cognitive functioning and lower levels of depression for caregivers.”

How to Perform a Background Check on Professional Caregivers

How to Perform Background Checks on Professional Caregivers

Before you hire a professional home caregiver to help your aging loved one, you should absolutely validate his/her work history through a background check.

The Emotional Impact Caregiving Can Have on a Family

The Emotional Impact Caregiving Can Have on a Family

We know that caregiving can be tough. Find out the three main ways that Caregiving can have an emotional impact on a family unit.

Great Summer Activities For You and Your Aging Loved Ones

Great Summer Activities for You and Your Aging Loved Ones

Are you a Caregiver? Here are our suggestions for great summer activities to do with your aging loved one that are fun for the whole family.

Benefits of Using the PocketFinder GPS Tracker for Aging Adults

Is it Safe for My Aging Loved One to Drive?

Learn how to evaluate if it is safe for your aging loved one to drive in order to keep them, and those around them, safe on the road.