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Best Washable Incontinence Underwear

Best Washable Incontinence Underwear

The Top Five Adult Incontinence Underwear for Women. Learn the benefits of each in our latest article.

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Caring Village Crafts: A Mother’s Day Appreciation Jar

Looking for a thoughtful gift for mother’s day? Consider creating an Appreciation to show your loved one your gratitude.

Aging in Place: Helping Older Family Members keep their Pet

The Importance of Pet Companionship for Seniors

As people grow older, physical deterioration and loneliness can set it. Seniors can be depressed and feel alone. One way to help combat these negative and often inevitable aspects of life is …

Subscription Box Gift Guide for Seniors

Subscription Box Gift Guide

How many subscription services do you currently have? If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime, magazines delivered or access to online news you signed up for – then like all of us you …

Best Gifts for Caregivers

Adaptive Clothing Gift Guide

Does your aging loved one struggle with finding fashionable, affordable and easy-to-get on clothing? This is a common problem with a solution growing in popularity – adaptive clothing. Adaptive clothing is designed …