LTC Resource Center Long Term Care Insurance Provider

Did you know that more than 7 million older adults have long-erm care insurance? Long-term care insurance (LTCi) provides benefits for those with functional or cognitive impairment (read more about LTCi here). By purchasing a long-term care policy you will pay to receive benefits (or reimbursement) for the long-term care costs. We profiled the top ten LTCi companies in a previous post (click here to read) and offer a more descriptive summary of the services and support provided by LTC Resource Centers below.

Long-Term Care Insurance Company Profile: LTC Resource Centers

LTC Resource Centers (LTC Solutions) has been providing LTC solutions to chronic health care needs for more than 40-years.  The experienced staff developed a comprehensive website and material to provide resource centers for caregivers and aging loved ones. According to LTC Resource Centers, “As an independent agency, our choice of products, selection of insurance carriers and on-going relationship with the chronic health care provider community are based on the value they bring to the client at the time of claim.  We establish and maintain relationships which provide the client with long-term stability and security.”

LTC Resource Centers provides the expertise and interface with the premier LTC industry’s insurance carriers. With this access you are able to compare multiple quotes for the specific type of care you need. You are also prepared with a variety of LTC related information available online through the resource center itself, including: the different types of policies and care, how to design a policy to meet your needs, the role of caregivers, long-term care partnership states, and how to qualify for long-term care with federal programs.

The current product portfolio includes:

  • Traditional LTC insurance
  • Hybrid LTC insurance
  • Short-term care
  • State partnership
  • Group insurance
  • Linked or combo products: Medicare supplements, life insurance, critical illness, and annuities

LTC Resource Centers Company Information

Headquarters: Cape Coral, FL

Consumer’s Advocate Rating: 4.7 stars

Better Business Bureau Rating: *not rated*

LTC Resource Centers provide you with an assortment of information and action. Go to the website to explore supplementary information. After educating yourself, fill out the online ‘request for quote’ to get in touch with an expert.  Contact:
3501 Del Prado Blvd
Suite 205
Cape Coral, FL 33904