IZ Adaptive – Adaptive Clothing for Seniors and Those with Mobility Issues

The fashion industry is catching up with the needs of those facing physical mobility challenges. In a recent post, we discussed what adaptive clothing is and the top 5 companies (Silvert’s, IZ Adaptive, Able2Wear, Adaptations by Adrian and Easy Access). One of the top 5 companies – IZ Adaptive – is profiled in more detail below to help you evaluate the best adaptive clothing company and products for you.

Why Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is designed with the dressing needs of the seniors and disabled in mind. It’s also important to mention that there are styles and designs unique to each of the challenges someone may face. Find relief and comfort by exploring adaptive clothing that will meet your aging loved one’s needs.

Adaptive Clothing Company Profile: IZ Adaptive Clothing

The IZ Adaptive clothing collection is a line of fashionable and functional clothing, created to make wheelchair users look and feel amazing. The collection has signature cuts and styles for a seated body, which fit better, look nicer and feel more comfortable than standard mainstream clothing, all without interfering with wheelchair mechanics.

They use quality fabrics, which have been selected for stretch and durability. IZ garments are created ethically in customized studios, where every consideration is made so that the end-user gets the best possible product and service. The products are available in retailers such as Zappos and Macys.

Products: The collection available through IZAdaptive includes tees, denim and jackets across men's, women's and non-binary categories; pricing ranges from $25 USD for a t-shirt to $425 USD for a men's suit.

Commitments: First launched in 2009, Izzy Camilleri built a devoted following among wheelchair users by offering clothing that was both fashionable and designed to be easy to put on and fit right while seated.

Website Navigation: On IZAdaptive’s website you can easily find your clothing organized in the following categories Tops, Bottoms, Jackets, Coats, Underwear, Suits, Coats & Capes by:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Non-Gender

In addition, you also have the opportunity to ‘Say Yes to Life’ which is “ "Yes" to new adventures. New challenges. New journeys. New Goals. New Opportunities. IZ invites you to overcome your self-doubts, your fears, and your insecurities. And they want you to tell them when you do. Please take a couple of minutes to tell them what you've said yes to in life and what's happened as a result. Whether it was life-changing or day-changing, big or small, every YES is special. Your submission enters you or a loved one for a chance to become a 2019 Yes Leader and win a $500 IZ Adaptive shopping spree!” You can fill out your story by clicking on the following link: https://izadaptive.com/pages/say-yes

To access the website, click on the following link: https://izadaptive.com. Once on the website, you can click ‘Shop Now’ and begin to target your search by size, type, need and additional search features available.

Company Website Summary

IZ Adaptive was born of creative passion, love, and the recognition that there was a great need in the world for stylish, well-fitting, comfortable clothes for people who were living with physical disabilities.

It is our mission to provide timeless adaptive clothing to as many people as possible so that they can live in comfort, style, dignity, and empowerment. Within the enormous and ever-expanding fashion world, there are relatively few options for those in our global community that identify as living with a physical disability.

The IZ Adaptive timeless classics have the day-to-day physical realities of our customers at the forefront of our thinking, from the cut of our jeans so to prevent bunching and discomfort, to the Ease-of-Dress of our coats. Whether seated or standing, we have something for you and we invite you to try on your perfect fit.

About Izzy Camilleri

Izzy Camilleri is one of Canada's foremost and most celebrated fashion designers and a pioneer in disability fashion design. She has received awards such as CAFA's Womenswear Designer of the Year Award, and her adaptive line has been featured in the Royal Ontario Museum. In 2016, she had the honor of wardrobing Canadian rock singer Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip for his final sold-out tour, Man Machine Poem. For more than 30 years, Camilleri has designed custom clothing for an international clientele, crafted gorgeous collections featured in fashion magazines from Vogue to InStyle, and dressed film industry stars like Daniel Radcliffe, Mark Wahlberg, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, and David Bowie. For the past 10 years, Camilleri has focused on inclusive fashion through her brand IZ Adaptive (formerly called IZ Collection), with the mission to make great looking and fitting clothes accessible to everyone.

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
Website: https://izadaptive.com