In the News: President Passes the RAISE Family Caregivers Act

President Trump recently signed the Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, and Engage (RAISE) Family Caregivers Act into law. The passage of this law is a very positive sign that despite many political disagreements, there is overwhelming bipartisan support of caregivers across this country. We’ve provided a brief summary about this law and it’s implications below.

What is the RAISE Act?

In summary, this law directs the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop and a National Family Caregiving Strategy that is publicly available and identifies recommended actions for recognizing and supporting family caregivers in a manner that reflects their diverse needs. In addition, the HHS shall convene a Family Caregiving Advisory Council to advise the department on how best to recognize and support family caregivers. The Department will have 18 months to develop its initial strategy and then must provide annual updates.

What Can You Expect from the RAISE Act?

“Family caregivers are the backbone of our care system in America. We need to make it easier for them to coordinate care for their loved ones, get information, and resources, and take a break so they can rest and recharge,” said Nancy A. LeaMond, AARP’s chief advocacy and engagement officer. The outcome of the bill and the advisory council will identify and recommend actions that communities, providers, government, and others are taking and may take to recognize and support family caregivers, including with respect to:

  • Promoting greater adoption of person- and family-centered care in all health and Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) settings, with the person and the family caregiver (as appropriate) at the center of care teams
  • Assessment and service planning (including care transitions and coordination) involving care recipients and family caregivers
  • Information, education, training supports, referral, and care coordination
  • Respite options
  • Financial security and workplace issues

All caregivers and supporters should recognize this as a good sign. With that said, pay close attention to all legislation that impacts you as a caregiver. We should hopefully see the positive impact of the RAISE Act in the years to come.

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