How PsychArmor Institute Helps Veterans and Their Caregivers

While Veteran’s Day is a time of reflection, compassion, and a day to thank each of our service members – both active duty and retired, it's important to do our part every day to make sure the 21.8 million veterans (source) in this country are getting the physical, mental, and emotional care and support they have rightfully earned.

It’s also important to make sure that the caregivers of these veterans – heroes in their own right – have the resources they need. One organization that is actively working towards this goal is PsychArmor Institute. PsychArmor is a national nonprofit institute with a mission “to bridge the civilian-military divide and ensure that every American has the tools and resources needed to engage effectively with service members and veterans.”

What is PsychArmor?

PsychArmor provides free education and support to all Americans who work with, live with, or care for military veterans. PsychArmor recruits nationally recognized subject matter experts to create and deliver online courses on relevant issues related to veterans and their families. These self-paced courses range from 15- 60 minutes each and are completely free. Some online courses include (for example):

  • Veteran 101: Military Culture
  • Veteran 201: Military Families
  • Invisible Wounds of War: PTSD
  • Suicide in the Military
  • How to be a Mental Healthcare Advocate
  • Military Women
  • Post-Deployment Issues

With up to 20% troops (who served in Iraq or Afghanistan since 2001) reporting that they have PTSD – it is imperative to create a better understanding of and engagement for civilian caregivers and veterans.

Additional Resources from PsychArmor

In addition to online training, PsychArmor also offers a support line titled Helping You Help Veterans. This support line provides continual assistance and vetted resources to civilians, ensuring they are armed with all the tools needed to effectively assist military veterans

To contact the PsychArmor support line call 844-779-2427 or chat with them live. For more information on the organization, follow them on Facebook or Twitter (@PsychArmor) or visit

Whether you are a veteran caregiver or not, consider taking a free course with PsychArmor this Veteran’s Day. Learn about veterans, PTSD, military culture, and much more. Inform others about this program and share what you learn.

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