What Are the Early Warning Signs of Dementia?

Dementia impacts more than your memory, which means there are other ways to detect dementia besides memory loss. Some of those changes can be found in behavioral shifts from frequent falling, having financial difficulties, and/or the loss of empathy. Once you know what Dementia is, here are 17 warning signs to be on the lookout for.

17 Early Warning Signs of Dementia

We’ve pulled together 17 of the most common warning signs of dementia. This list is not exhaustive but should help you understand what kinds of things to watch out for.

  1. Falling frequently
  2. Disregard for the law/new criminal behaviors
  3. Easily distracted and often found staring
  4. Eating inedible objects
  5. Loss of common knowledge
  6. Loss of empathy and ability to connect with others
  7. Ignoring what would normally cause embarrassment
  8. Consistent short-term memory loss
  9. Compulsive, ritualistic behaviors
  10. Financial issues that seem irregular
  11. Difficulty performing common tasks
  12. Difficulty speaking
  13. Loss of higher-level verbal understanding/interpretation
  14. Frequent disorientation of time and place
  15. Loss of interest in family and friends
  16. Noticeably agitated and aggressive
  17. Inability to control rude or hateful remarks

If any of these things are happening to you or a loved one, make sure to keep a diary of the frequency. Share this information with your physician.

Knowing these early warning signs of dementia will aid you in watching out for your aging loved one. These are just what they sound like – warning signs. They do not immediately mean a diagnosis but should raise your awareness and prompt you to discuss with your loved one’s physician.

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