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How Dogs Can Help Ease Loneliness and Depression for Seniors

The Top 5 Benefits of Pets for Aging Adults

For aging adults, pets can provide companionship, reduce stress, and can help with socialization, routines, and positive thinking.

Music therapy for Older Adults

Music Therapy for Aging Adults

Music therapy is often used with people who have disabilities or illness, but the healing benefits of music can be enjoyed by anyone and at any age.

Caregiving and your Faith Community

Caregiving and Your Faith Community

Whether you have a religious affiliation of not, faith communities can be a key resource for caregivers. Learn more here.

Fun Activities to do with Your Aging Loved One

Fun Activities to Do with Your Aging Loved One

Looking for fun activities to do with your aging loved one? Here is a list of outdoor, indoor, and community activities to get your creative juices flowing.

Transportation Options for Caregivers

Transportation Options for Caregivers

Finding transportation options for an aging loved one can be a big source of stress for a caregiver. Here are the five most common options available.