Best Power Bath Lifts for Older Adults

Bathing is one of the most important activities of daily living. It provides many physical and mental wellbeing attributes such as: muscle relaxation, cleanliness, and time for self-care.

If you are someone who cannot safely, comfortably or get in and out of a bathtub on your own then the bath chair lift is a good fit for you. Others that have any of the following chronic conditions should consider a bath lift as well:

  • Joint pain
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Paralysis
  • General limited mobility

To help you navigate the many options available, we have compiled several resources for you and a list of the best 5-bath chair lifts for older adults.

What is a Bath Lift?

An important distinguishing fact about bath chair lifts is they are medical devices. They are designed to safely and mechanically lower individuals into and out of a bathtub. Bath chair lifts are used by individuals or caregivers to support someone with limited mobility with their bath.

Top 5 Bath Lift Chairs for Older Adults

You will find the four primary bath lift types include:

  1. Battery-powered
  2. Water-powered
  3. Air-powered, and
  4. Manual crank-style

Each of these has its benefits based on your needs, your tub size, your size (height, weight), preference on the type of power source, and other factors that impact the use of a battery, water, air, or manual power.

As you review each of the top 5 bath lifts below consider the critical factors and questions including:

  1. What is the maximum/minimum height that the bath lift can achieve?
  2. What is the maximum weight the bath lift can carry?
  3. Is the power chair upright or does it recline?
  4. What is the seat surface? Is it replaceable? Slip-resistant?
  5. Is the bath lift portable?

BrandPrice*Bath Lift StyleWeight CapacityFeatures
$688Battery powered300 LbsHigh back, self-releasing suction cups, 4-positions, ergonomic hand control
$531Battery powered300 LbsAluminum made, can raise / lower / recline up to 50 degrees, 4 quick-release anti-slip suction cups, padded sea and backrest
$547Battery powered300 LbsHeavy duty lifting motor, 6-suction cup base, padded safe-swivel seat, lifting height of 21.5”
$436Battery powered300 LbsRaise / lower / recline up to 50, 4 quick release anti-slip suction cups

$544Battery powered300 LbsWill only lower you into bath with sufficient battery power to raise you out, 4 quick-release anti-slip suction cups

Aquatec Power Reclining Bath Lift

The Aquatec Power Reclining Bath Lift, blue, features a high back with integrated neck support and a stable, robust frame and reinforced lifting mechanism. Ergonomic, floating hand control stores conveniently on backrest back. The lithium-ion battery pack will not allow the lift to descend if there is not enough charge to raise the user. Easy disassembly for storage and transport. The Aquatec SP family provides quality and durable bath lifts that are designed to offer comfort, safety, and reassurance to those most in need of support as they bathe. They incorporate increased legroom, ease of disassembly, and ergonomic floating hand control that contains a highly efficient and lightweight battery.

What We Liked:
Assembly and installation are a breeze. The unit is quite easy to use on your own for those with minimal mobility issues and can make bathing a loved one a much less stressful experience.

What Could Make It Even Better:
An integrated swivel seat would make transfers into and out of the tub safer and easier and a little extra padding would make the seat more comfortable for users. A charge level indicator for the battery could also be useful and give a bit of peace of mind when using this lift. Additional suction cups on the base of the unit would provide a bit more stability.

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Drive Medical Bellavita Lightweight Automatic Reclining Bath Lift

The Drive Medical Bellavita Lightweight Automatic Reclining Bath Lift is the new ultra-modern automatic bath lift. It is easy to transport and stow away. It is ideally suited for use in the home or away. The Bellavita is the lowest bath lift available Seat height reaches a record 18.8 Excellent for deeper model tubs. The easy to use quick-charge lithium-ion battery is accommodated in the Hand Control. The backrest reclines to a market-leading 50 degrees at its lowest position. It comes with a washable hygienic cover in white Hygienic cutaway and slimline profile for easy handling. Built-in safety controls 4-quick release suction cups with option for an additional 2 for anti-slip bath base. 2 Year Warranty on battery/handset.

What We Liked:
This unit came pre-assembled except for the suction cup "feet" on the bottom, so not a lot of setup is required. Charging takes about four hours when empty so it's easier to get your bath in even if you forget to recharge the night before. The control is intuitive and easy to charge with a blinking light that tells you when it's time to recharge.

What Could Make It Even Better:
The addition of a swivel seat would make transfers a little easier and some users found that the removable covers for the seat cushions did not stay in place. Better instructions for installing the suction cups (the unit needs to be raised before you can add them) would have eliminated a bit of frustration.

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Tranquilo Electric Reclining Bath Lift By Platinum Health

The Tranquilo Electric Reclining Bath Lift By Platinum Health is the perfect companion to help users enjoy the pleasure of bathing again without worry or danger. Bath lift access and exit become safe, simple, dignified, and comfortable. Once positioned properly, the user can be raised and lowered at the push of a button. The smooth, quiet electric operation helps immerse the bather into the soothing warm water without fear or worry. An electric recline feature can also be activated allowing the bather to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing position when compared to old-style upright backrests. Integrated seat flaps that automatically bridge the seat and tub ledge add to the overall safety of the device. The high-strength, all-composite frame and base will never rust. A six-suction cup configuration helps affix the lift to the bottom of the tub much more securely than old-style 4 suction cup setups. A 310 lb. lifting capacity means that even the heaviest of users can enjoy proper bathing again.

What We Liked:
The swivel seat can be a game-changer that makes this unit so much easier to use. This unit also has an extra-high lift range of 21.5 inches. Assembly took about 5 minutes and required only four screws. The padding seemed a bit thicker than some of the other brands.

What Could Make It Even Better:
While it has a higher lift range than other brands, the unit itself sits about four inches from the bottom of the tub meaning you don't get as deep of a soak as you would with some other models.

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Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift

The innovative Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift is ideal for adults who want to regain independence while bathing. No tools are required for assembly, so installation is fast and hassle-free. The two-piece bath lift is easy to disassemble and designed to securely fit both standard and deep soaking tubs, which allows the safe enjoyment of a luxurious bath whenever traveling. Look forward to a relaxing bath with a padded lift seat and backrest, ergonomically crafted to minimize physical effort and discomfort for the ultimate escape. Once the lift is lowered into the tub, the backrest can recline up to 50 degrees to allow room for stretching out while bathing. The slim profile of the Whisper Bathtub Lift lowers to a depth of 2.3" for entry, and can be raised as high as 18" inches for seamless exiting.

What We Liked:
This unit is easy to set up and the control panel is easy and straightforward to use. This lift is lightweight (less than 20 pounds) compared to some of the other models making it a bit more portable. In the lowest position, you are only a few inches from the bottom of the tub giving you a true soaking experience.

What Could Make It Even Better:
A swivel seat would be a welcome addition to this product and the "wings" can sometimes pinch when using. The unit takes up quite a bit of space in standard tubs making it difficult to extend your legs. Thicker padding would also make this lift a bit more comfortable.

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Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

The Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift provides back support while helping to lower and raise a person out of the bath. The lift fits in most bathtubs and maximizes legroom by sitting further back. With numerous safety features, the Archimedes Bath Lift provides comfort without sacrificing security. The suction cups on the bottom make sure that the lift won't slide, causing a potentially dangerous situation. The hand control is easy to operate and is completely waterproof. The lift helps to maintain dignity and preserve the independence of its user.

What We Liked:
The lift itself is easy to use with clear instructions and an easy-to-understand control panel.

What Could Make It Even Better:
As with a number of brands, this product takes up a fair amount of space in standard tubs making it difficult for users to fully stretch out their legs. A swivel seat would make getting in and out of the tub easier and padding (this product does not have any) would make it more comfortable.

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Are Bath Lifts Covered by Medicare?

In general, Medicare doesn’t cover shower/bath chairs (as they do not classify as Durable Medical Equipment) but some Part C plans may have an over-the-counter that you should explore.

Next Steps

Finding the best bathroom chair lift on the market requires researching the top 5 list above to find the best fit for you. Considering the many features (side flaps, remote control, battery operated) a bath (or sometimes called shower chair) leads us to the top 5 list. Take a look at each one, consider your bath