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How to Choose the Best Captioned Phone

How to Choose the Best Caption Phone

Many older adults experience hearing loss that prevents them from enjoying phone conversations with friends and loved ones, making them feel more isolated and increasing their sense of loneliness. This is true …

Best Tablets for Seniors

The Best Ways to Increase TechKnowledge for Older Adults

Technology provides us with the means to connect with our family, friends, and much more. It is how we remain safely at home and FaceTime a family member or order groceries delivered …

Best GPS Trackers - AngelSense

AngelSense Elderly GPS Tracker Product

Best Tablets for Seniors

Best Tablets for Seniors

Did you know that New York City deployed 10,000 tablets to those aged 65+ to bridge the digital divide in 2020? This effort is designed to bring internet connected devices to those …

PocketFinder GPS Tracker


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