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What is the Best Way to Communicate with an Aging Parent About the Future?

Here are some best practices for communicating with an aging parent about difficult topics about the future.

How To Record Your Family History

How to Record Your Family History

The recording of oral history is a great way to keep vivid stories and memories alive.

How to Communicate Your Feelings to Your Family

How to Create Your Caregiving Team

As a primary caregiver you need to know how to assemble a cohesive and collaborative team of caregivers, supporters, and medical experts.

How Humor can Help Caregivers

How Humor Can Help Caregivers

Humor as a caregiver cannot only decompress any situation but it can actually have positive health improvements for you and your care recipient.

5 Best Family Caregiving YouTube Channels

5 Best Family Caregiving YouTube Channels

Looking for caregiving advice? Check out these popular YouTube channels for family caregivers.